passing through

her mind is passed beyond the door
her body, feeble, hovers here
she feels no fear as once before
her life is nothing more than dreams
she seems at peace, i ask no more


Deja Vu

In a dream of another time,
In a life so completely still mine,
The world had a soft glowing shine.

As I walked in the country lanes
My mind was rested in peace.

Beside the pathway, a seat,
Hidden by foxglove and meadowsweet,
Piled rocks from a fallen tower
Close by a bend, that in turning, I knew,
Would reveal a view of the sea.
I recall lifting you, to sit like a queen,
Wild flowers entwined in your hair.

In some scented hour long ago,
It must have been déjà vu

Written in Faith

from the dark the sunshine comes
and fades again to dark
in hope and loving trust we sleep
to greet the kindling spark

time brings change
i do not fear
i accept the hidden path
love is always here

and that is all we need right now,
high upon the bough,
to sit amongst your singing trees
in harmony and peace

Beloved World, take note of us,
thought we are fleeting in your eyes
we have fought to reach this place
the travelling made us wise

The Clearing

oh how moods swing up and down
first a smile and now a frown
like the weather, changing ever
sun and showers across the town

all my life it’s been the same
a sadness comes I cannot name
it matters not how i strive
a balanced mind i cannot claim

my heart beats on despite it all
with every breath that lifts and falls
but when i look with inner eye
a woodland clearing always calls

the glory that lies underneath
is clear to me in every leaf
in gratitude i clear my sight
and come to find a tranquil peace

all is lovely, gentle, light
the darkest day becomes more bright
in a prayer of thankfulness
my mind lifts up in joyful flight


Good Morning Soul

Good morning Soul
What a bright sunny day!

My Soul smiles at me
”I’m so glad you feel that way
as the day holds some
I hope you are well prepared,
as I suggested?”

”Ah my Soul,
is not all life a preparation?
If it’s a challenge
I expect I can manage
I always get by somehow
If it’s a choice
I hope to make a wise one”

There is a doubt
at the back of my mind
about this
but I don’t express it

”What worries me”
said my Soul
”Is you don’t always
avoid the damage.
Ask your heart
how it feels
about this approach.
Are you sure
you are being honest
with regard to the toll
it all takes?”

If I can’t tell my soul
who will I tell?
So I admit
I tire of some struggles.
I ask for further advice.

My soul smiles again
with a tender expression.
”See it all as simple lessons.
One step at a time.
No pressure.
In the final days
it is I who will judge you
with compassion
and understanding.
I love you
above all things.”

I was so glad to hear this.
I may reach a place
where we both are at peace
without further need
of compassion.
All I must do
is save my own Soul
by loving it
more completely.


what peace there is
by the fire in the evening
as we sit in a circle together
what joy there is in simple things

late into the night
the firelight glows
i feel my heart expanding
in the blessing music brings

the stars shine high above us
and in all the eyes
i see all around me
that same light shines

after all, most of all
when all is said and done
the stars will all still be there forever
and life is the song that we all share

On the Wane


here in a bubble of moonlight
no strong winds can blow me
i sit and watch the world go by
floating, bound, unfeeling

what is this spell that holds me
enclosed and isolated
surrounded by air and light
contained in silence

i try to reach out, the bubble stretches.
untouched yet never quite defeated
i look out, no-one comes near
i long to feel earth beneath my feet

this curse is but a fleeting moment
in the time of the waning i am winnowed
all things pass and change and pass
the moon will wax again at last


paths keep crossing for their own reasons
the twirl of the world, the switch of the season
cycles coming, growing, going
we turn to each other familiar faces
lit by moonlight, hidden by shadows
the stranger you meet who holds up a light
comes in the dusk and leaves in the night


the moment the moon begins to wane
all the old predators come back again
snarling and circling and snapping their jaws
prowling around me, sniffing the air
they smell my defeat before its begun
should i offer my throat and be done

is there final release in their teeth
no sanctuary, no solace, no welcoming peace
so far from the fire, the torch and the hearth
so many riddles i cant answer
all my answers misunderstood
no star to guide me, lost in the wood

bound to a tree, yet i break free
when the darkest hour strikes
i refuse the final sacrifice
there is music, sunlight, life
i sink down to rise again

Winter Epiphany

Gazing into a fire of pitch black coal,
blazing heat, dark caverns, flickering flames
licking the rock with red, green and gold,
for a moment I am a child again,
entering caves and challenging dragons.
So easy it was to dream in those days.
The world dimmed and faded, vanished away.

I look to my heart, converse with my soul,
look to memories, remembering names,
loves that were new, joy, pain, loves that grew old.
This love I feel deeper cannot be changed.
No darkness can quench this burning desire.
In love we enter a magical land.
The cold world grows dim, fades, vanished away.

My heart and my soul adrift in dreams,
places more real than black stone or hot flame,
I sit at your side, gaze into warm fire,
at home, in peace, nothing vanished or lost.

Tomorrow – a rubaiyat

The stars of the heavens are clear and bright.
I stand here alone, looking up tonight.
The song of the nightingale fills my heart
Ecstatic soloist, brings sweet delight

A softened light shines from the crescent moon,
At dawn it lips the ocean in a swoon.
All night I watched awake, we are apart.
The treasured morning cannot come to soon.

The scent of roses fills the dawning air
As I walk out in peace without a care
Amidst this new-born darling of a day
Where all the fields are newly fresh and fair.

You bring a smile, a word, a tender glance.
Tomorrow’s here and all the world’s a dance.
The sky is blue, the clouds have cleared away
And I am dreaming in a golden trance

No Answers

what makes the sun hot and ice cold?
what makes the glow in the embers of fire?
why does the river twinkle and dazzle?
where does time come from that
turns slowly, yet passes so quickly?
how does sunset and beauty bring peace?

wood smoke contents me, raindrops refresh,
moonlight entrances, the stars make me dream.
Though I’m so small in the great scheme of things
a change in the wind from the south can inspire me,
a wind from the north stiffens resolve,
sunlight dancing through branches
lifts my heart like a bird in the morning,
the daisy that shines in the grass makes me smile
but when will I learn to be more aware?
What is the source, the centre, the fount?
Why do scientists and priests think they know
when all of their answers belittle the truth?
How does the world so touch my heart
that I can be lifted from sadness and sorrow
to joy in a moment? What makes life?

The essence, the glory, the blessing is
that I feel and see all these astonishing things,
yet will never know the answers at all.