i, the banished, outcast rook
in a crooked, twisted tree
from far away i see you there
you don’t look and don’t see me

i see your faces as you pass
i see your truths, i see your lies
your stories written in your eyes
all these things are clear to me

always looking in
feathers ruffled by the wind
watching for a winter sun

the beauty of the world, begun,
hangs above the vaulted dark,
the certainties of fathomed night,
and there, see there….the flash, the spark

i see the twinkle of the star
the door still stands and swings ajar



There’s a song that wafts so gently
in music faintly heard,
a song with words so fleeting
I cannot hold them still.

Where many paths are meeting
in the tangle of the shadows,
just beyond your glance,
in the patterns of the dance,
from a farewell to a greeting
they will spin you into trance.

In a fluttering of wings, do you hear them speaking?
”No time today for sorrow, no time for needless weeping.
Mortal though you are, follow your own star”

I sense them in a twinkle,
in a gleam, a flash of star-fire
the silver light behind a cloud,
across the moonlight sweeping
in the rhythm of my breathing
and a heart that’s wildly leaping,
to the strings of their desire

”It’s a dream within a dream within a dream”
i hear them whisper
as i rest,
almost sleeping,
almost waking,
only seeming to be here.

Calling Venus

memories, sunlight, shadows
there are no delusions in here
seeking illumination
i have no illusions
so why am i lost again?
i am not lacking in bravery
i am even strong
this is not a prayer
help me to understand
the trees are obscuring my view
take me up to the hills
show me the path i should follow
send a message, a comet, a flash
clear away all the clouds
so i can see the moon
and the brightness of Venus beside
show me my guiding star

The White Cow

the palace of gold and blue
stood high above on the hill
shimmering in heat like a mirage
the chatter of monkeys was shrill
in the river below elephants bathed

later that evening, so clearly recalled now,
as the sun dipped down in a pink haze
we saw a sadhu with a white cow
we followed to a tea stall
by the steps of an old temple

the cow so beautiful, gentle
its eyes lined with khol
wore a garland of marigold and a bell
that rang softly as it gazed at me
reaching my heart and casting a spell

on the temple steps we sat
slowly sipping hot tea
beneath a sickle moon and one bright star
we spoke in quiet voices
until the man and the cow both bowed and walked on

i see that cow as clearly years later
as if it was but a moment ago
i listened to the sadhu’s every word
it was the white cow i heard
it spoke only of acceptance and love

Sonnet 116 – Shakespeare

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no; it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests, and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.


I posted this because it’s my favourite sonnet and I believe in it not just in relationships but in life – Love is the star to every wandering bark

Star of Wonder

see the shining star atop the tree

a star in every house and street

a mirror of the celestial map

a tribute to the stars above


shining out where pavements glitter

sparkling in the frosted air

beaming out from lighted doors

greeting every passer by


a star in every window, every home

a light that gives a thanks complete

a light of joy and silvered wonder

welcoming families home with love


this bright star so high above

a glorious guiding light

not intended for one night

but held aloft a life time long


Good Luck Spell

I give you a daisy chain, sunshine, a star

To brighten your heart and bring you delight

Four leafed clovers, chimney sweeps, double sixes,

Two magpies for joy, happy pixies, shooting stars in the night.

May your new leaf turn over with exuberant ease

And you pancakes flip with vigour, no ceiling stuck plight.

If you ever should find yourself stuck asleep in a box

May your dreams sail with rainbows, in high arching flight.

Now stir gently the white of a golden egg

Into the cauldron, with a big scoop of light,

The scent of wild violets, some fluffy white clouds,

A dollop of love and a sky that is bright.

In short, may all your wildest dreams always come true.

On this wish I will leave you. I wish you adieu.



The World

the sun, the shine,
the shadows fall beneath the trees,
tranquil trance of leaves, triumphant,
leaning, lofty, lovely, light

the love, the lost, the found, the learning,
light of love, looping flight
flight to night, the moon, the stars,
stars that lead the navigator

star of wonder, star of hope
tent of sky, singing songs
sounds of battle, lullaby and funeral marches
swords and strangers, the strong, the mighty

might have been, may be still, morning comes,
comes with chimes, chime of bell,
bells of silver, shiver, shatter, shards,
sentinels of silence, stone

stones in water, stones in sea,
the rivers rush, rolling, waters rising into cloud,
rain and rainbow. what of us?
What of us? we were. we are.

walking, wandering, wondering why,
where and when, will it, wont it come again
the sun, the shine and is this all?
are we really all so small?

the sun, the shine, a burst of light,
burgeons, blossoms, blooms and grows,
glows and gladdens, glancing eyes,
eyes that see, the world, the life unfold,
enfold, enshrine, delightful,
dancing, woven in delicious dream,
the globe, the glow, eternal, bright,
entrances me – this glorious world

Beach Fire

all week we gathered driftwood
following the storm
and dragged it to the yard
to dry out in the sun

i watched you racing children
jumping rock to rock
always sure-footed
you never made a slip

pied piper running,
Cheshire cat grin
always on the tide line
when the tide is coming in

the tides come in
the tides go out
sunset, moonlight, dawns
each day the wood is drying

we built the fire together
just beyond the waves
carefully constructed
encouraging the flame

we threw more wood on
as the light began to fall
we sat and watched the sun go down
a blazing golden ball

passing strangers watching
stood on the path above
they thronged like curious moths
you called them to the fire

they ask do we live here
they say how fortunate we are
you smiled and wandered off
always to the tide line

i watched you from afar
the waves rolled in
the waves rolled out
beneath the evening star