Afternoon Angels

Afternoon angels,
offer us
apocalypse apples
from the Nine Omens Orchard of Dread.

I awaken,
shaking my head.

There were birds
born of bullets,
packed in hospital ice,
their beaks, shrieking,
for lemon and life.

The rain ran in shivers
but found no swelled rivers.
I set the sails of the season.


In Covent Garden

i saw them in Covent Garden
an old Chinese man
with a face like a moon
his skin stretched tight over his cheeks bones
a peaceful look in his eyes
he played an instrument I’d never seen
clear bell notes in sunlight shone
a reminder of snow on high peaks
the girl played a wooden flute
she swayed on the breeze
fragile, a tender flower
just beginning to bloom
her eyes held no secrets
i was swept away on the tune

Caramel (a found poem)

‘I am melted’ she said,
sighing to music

like ice-cream?
like cheese?
like chocolate?
I asked her, concerned

”I think like hot fudge syrup,
yes like that”
thoughtfully she replied,
looking in my eyes,
dripping caramel

I’m so glad it’s not like a candle!
I would hate her to burn away and go out
leaving me with no light
especially on a such a magical night
as this


the ‘melt’ music ~ The Way You Look Tonight by Dolls Combers


when you wake from a dream

into which you had drifted

if you sleep again quickly

you can dream it again

but it’s never the same


the scenery’s shifted,  it’s not as it seemed

where there were roses, there’s only a shadow

the windows are dimmed,  the doors won’t open

the music that played changed key long ago


the dream that you dreamed

has floated away



Summer Solstice


This short sweet night is full of stars,
crossing slowly east to west,
the circle of the ancient stones
by dark and moonlight blessed.

The air alive with music now,
soft steps and voices echo.
Through the tender bending trees,
They enter to the clearing.

The circling dancers, as before,
leave traces where their steps fall
on grass in silvered shining dew.
The dark of night is fleeting.

They come to silent rest at dawn
to stand and watch in awe
the line of light rise in the east,
grow swift to sun, uplifting,
to reclaim the turning year
in blazing light and glory.

This day’s the longest in the year,
tomorrows will be shorter.

Each moon passes swiftly.

Then we’ll dance into the dark
retelling the old stories.
We’ll sit beside our winter fires
’til summer comes, repeating

Night Music

at night, by the waterfall
amid the music of water,
I heard the distant sound of a harp
and a nightingale sweetly singing.
i felt my spirit lift

all was miraculous harmony
magical symphony,
rare gift
beneath the turning stars

the earth under my feet
soft with falling leaves
and the dark smell of loam
silently sounded a deep bass note
to make the concerto complete


what peace there is
by the fire in the evening
as we sit in a circle together
what joy there is in simple things

late into the night
the firelight glows
i feel my heart expanding
in the blessing music brings

the stars shine high above us
and in all the eyes
i see all around me
that same light shines

after all, most of all
when all is said and done
the stars will all still be there forever
and life is the song that we all share