Good Morning Soul

Good morning Soul
What a bright sunny day!

My Soul smiles at me
”I’m so glad you feel that way
as the day holds some
I hope you are well prepared,
as I suggested?”

”Ah my Soul,
is not all life a preparation?
If it’s a challenge
I expect I can manage
I always get by somehow
If it’s a choice
I hope to make a wise one”

There is a doubt
at the back of my mind
about this
but I don’t express it

”What worries me”
said my Soul
”Is you don’t always
avoid the damage.
Ask your heart
how it feels
about this approach.
Are you sure
you are being honest
with regard to the toll
it all takes?”

If I can’t tell my soul
who will I tell?
So I admit
I tire of some struggles.
I ask for further advice.

My soul smiles again
with a tender expression.
”See it all as simple lessons.
One step at a time.
No pressure.
In the final days
it is I who will judge you
with compassion
and understanding.
I love you
above all things.”

I was so glad to hear this.
I may reach a place
where we both are at peace
without further need
of compassion.
All I must do
is save my own Soul
by loving it
more completely.


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