To Partner #2, not worthy of a name

i overheard you in the gallery
disparaging my work

you said the colours of my pallet
all have a shipwrecked hue


say it to my face

i was scuppered by you
you, my treacherous mate
who swore such loyalty

I thought I had forgiven you
my mistake
i hate you in my sleep

I see you very clearly now
but i can still paint clouds
that let the sun break through


Hidden Daffodils

the day is dim and poorly lit,
clouds are gathering in the west,
the leaves are shivering on the trees,
my shoes are worn, my pockets thin,
there’s no money left again,
the forecast warns of storms and rain

the shadows underneath the trees are full of hidden daffodils

the windows creak and draughts blow in
how bad can this old house become
there’s not much here to laugh about
this sort of joke is lost on me
the tap is dripping in the bath
the fire wont light, my cat is sad,
she’s curled up in a huddled ball
there’s nothing left to eat at all

the shadows underneath the trees are full of hidden daffodils

counting blessings I find some,
there’s still a roof above my head,
i still live, i still breathe,
my head is full of memories,
i can think, i can dream,
and winter always turns to spring

the shadows underneath the trees are full of hidden daffodils

My Obsessions

this is a found poem – it comes from my tag cloud on this blog and so it consists of words I use a lot in poems……….


My Obsessions.


Ancient bards and books,
a breeze full of butterflies
above the Celtic hills.
Cities, clouds, the dance of death,
a desert dragons dream,
dreaming dreams with evening eyes
of fateful fantasy and fire
with firelight in the forest garden
where a girl with a haiku
plays a harp and sings
of heart and home and horses.

Imagination kindles lakes,
leaves, land and love,
love, always love,
magic memories of moons
moonlight, morning music.

At night, the oak overshadows
oceans of passion
paths of peace and perfume,
poems of rain and ravens,
the rocks, the river,
roses by the sea.
The sky a silver smile
when the snows come,
then the song of spring,
sunlight and starlight.

Time towers above the trees.
The wings of winter spread again
above a woodland made of words

The Rhymney goes round

thrust up from earth belly deeps
rising through coal seams
born on a rocky peak
the spring bursts forth
crystal pure
running clear
reflecting diamond
ripples of light
dancing to pastures
gentle and green
tumbling through gullies
flowing through valleys
and back to back houses
gathering coal dust
cartons and cans
and children fishing
for fish long gone
with sticks and pins
and old beaten buckets
barefoot on muddy banks
the mountains still rise
high up above
as the river runs over stone
and finds the sea
and rises to cloud
to bring rain
to the fields below

Horses and Wings

In your arms I feel water and fire,
cool streams and fountains.
I hear the beating of drums and the lyre.
I see rivers, valleys and mountains.

In your eyes I see moonlight and starlight
as they shine on the rising sea.
I see soft clouds spring open, sun bright,
and the flower that springs from the seed.

I see your eyes open wider in wonder.
I feel horses running in rain.
I seek lighting striking and thunder.
The storm takes me again.

I feel the tides as they rise
and your body as it clings.
We fly as our souls mingle and burn,
until the tide turns
and retreats in a sigh.

I give you horses,
you give me wings

Tomorrow – a rubaiyat

The stars of the heavens are clear and bright.
I stand here alone, looking up tonight.
The song of the nightingale fills my heart
Ecstatic soloist, brings sweet delight

A softened light shines from the crescent moon,
At dawn it lips the ocean in a swoon.
All night I watched awake, we are apart.
The treasured morning cannot come to soon.

The scent of roses fills the dawning air
As I walk out in peace without a care
Amidst this new-born darling of a day
Where all the fields are newly fresh and fair.

You bring a smile, a word, a tender glance.
Tomorrow’s here and all the world’s a dance.
The sky is blue, the clouds have cleared away
And I am dreaming in a golden trance

In the Garden of the Gods


they are not far away, they are near

the old gods cry out to us

from beneath city streets

come closer, if you would hear


the moon is hidden in daylight

waiting to light the path of the night

in silvery tones and pearl

come closer, if you would hear


the trees whisper a constant prayer

the voice of the leaves, the dance of the branch

the breath of exchange that holds us all

come closer, if you would hear


the rivers run out, the veins of all life

the clouds pour down a blessing

the sea is the constantly beating heart

come closer, if you would hear


above the rooftops venus shines

the daidem, a star, entwined in her twilight hair

she sings the song of the life spark and the long dark

come closer, if you would hear


they are not far away, they are always here

the world is a garden for which we must care

before the old gods slip silent away

come closer, if you would hear

Becoming a Seagull

Deep in my heart the sun is shining.

The day clear blue and stretched sounds.

I can almost see, here from the ground,

my heart flying, swooping in air,

as high as a kite and gleaming.

Vertical take off to light,

a downward push of my hand

takes me up, into luminous flight.


I must be a bird, to reach up here.

The mountains spread out beneath me,

the revolving, rotating greens of the land.

I bank on a cloud, rolling, reaching,

tumbling, gliding, looping, I turn

on a breeze, diving deep to the sea,

slicing the spray and screeching.

I knew this would happen one day.


A seagull.

All I wanted to be.