Riding the Wild part 5

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The Bardic Academic

Touring the Wild Atlantic Way and the Mythic Sites of Ireland

20657702556_5bc4283b81_o Pitstop at Spiddal, County Galway, C. Smith, 2015

Before I turned to dust I wended my way further west, past Galway into Connemara’s epic landscape. My destination was picturesque Clifden, home of the Marconi towers, where aviation pioneers Alcock and Brown first made landfall after successfully crossing the Atlantic for the first time by powered flight. Here, I cooled my engine, enjoying a jar in a local bar where a merry session was taking place. My partner pitched in a couple of songs, and we felt part of the narrative.

At the grave of WB Yeats, Sligo, C. Smith 2015At the grave of WB Yeats, Drumcliffe, Sligo. C. Smith 2015

            From Connemara we pushed on north – making pilgrimage to key Yeats’ sites in the year of his 150th anniversary. Sligo was making a big deal of it, the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann was just about…

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