At Arthur’s Tomb

I sat down by Arthur’s Tomb
and wondered how it is I failed
to find what I am seeking.
I keep the faith with diligence
though I might die in trying.
Did I misunderstand what Merlin taught
in following this sleeping Lord?

A noble Knight must tread a path
founded on true justice
but I looked down and saw my soul
laid out weak, at my own feet,
in quiet, sad submission.
Though my sword was naught but rust
it had been my own defeat
and I had shown no mercy.

I asked many questions then,
conversing with the silence.
Arthur heard and answered me.
We spoke long of honesty,
integrity and kindness.
Those were easy subjects.
Then he called my honour out,
to short and swift account.

”You do not wield your sword aright.
You fear to cut and injure
but care not for your safety.
It isn’t wise to be so kind.
You sacrifice your own true heart
to spare the life of others.
That is not your purpose here,
nor is it your duty.
A Knight must not forget to fight
when keeping faith
with his own soul
so obviously requires it.”


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