Five Ways of Seeing an Apple

in the age of innocence
when apples had no names,
i lay beneath the shining leaves
where ripening apples swayed,
abstract, out of reach

this was long ago
before the autumn play
when apples could be tossed
and bobbed
and used as cannon balls
or fashioned into dolls
dressed in summer frocks

as an icon by Magritte
an apple’s just a thing
making man the hidden one
his eyes obscured by leaves
everything we see
hides another thing

Alfriston and Pippin
Billie Bound and Russet
Braeburn and Brown Snout
They revel in their names
Catshead and Pearmain
Juice runs down the chin
Peasegood’s Nonsuch, Bountiful,
Cider in the press,
Bramley and Blenheim,
In the ancient orchards
Beside the winding lanes
Beneath the White Horse on the hill

sharp and sweet or bitter
green or red or gold
nestled in the palm,
roundness you can hold,
when you cut it open
an apple shows it’s heart


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