after the park ritual in berlin 

Liked this very much – especially, the gift of relevance

sheila sea

I know the sun is coming for us
I saw it try to mellow out
over the horizon
when we prodded at him
in a daze
remember herren means boy
and dammen means girl
that is my only advice
while I lay under your tiny
trying to recollect
piece together a
whatever this
when love and loss
merge in some sort of
coughing motion
like expelling
but inhaling
im not sure
I am sure but
if I could give you a gift
I think it would be
the power of always
I don’t think you are weak
please never think
you are weak
I think you are pure
like the last row of curtains
over a stage
or perhaps a low ley
moon phase
washing over
a tide,
I’m not certain..

– sheila cordova
for Naya, you know why and when.

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