If Wishes Were Horses

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

if wishes were horses I’d ride a wild horse

a horse that no-one could tame

if wishes here fishes the world would be ocean

if wishes were birds we’d all fly away

no need for a wish would remain

wishes are made of notions, not potions

people have so many fantastic wishes

but still they prefer to run with the herd

I dream every night of thousands of horses

in my mind’s eye I see them all glide

from the east coast out to the west

but I can’t catch one stallion to ride

perhaps a mare would be best

but then I’d have nightmares

and wake in exhausted distress

how would you use a wish from a genie ?

I’d wish for more genies,

that’s just common sense

and I’d wish for more wishes of course

and then, yet again, I’d wish for a horse

but when will the magic commence?

simply wishing for something is casting wide nets

I haven’t caught anything yet


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