what is it about a spider
that i can’t get out of my head?
those scuttling legs
fill me we nauseous dread

I know that they’re creative
i watched the webs they build
yet something deep inside of me
yearns that they be killed

you may not be aware
when a spider enters the room
but i always see them instantly
a little black splash of dark gloom

i have tried so hard to like them
i have let them come so near
i even tried to touch one
but i cant overcome the fear

i am not a spider killer
i warn them when i can
but some are so determined
to sit just where i am

i cant stand a spider
even in a book
i flip the page with horror
i just don’t want to look

those waving legs alarm me
i loathe their nobbly heads
the ones that come with harvest
sneak up on the bed!

itsy bitsy spider climbing up the spout
if i hear him coming closer
i’ll flush the bugger out!


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