Have I Gone Mad, Heironymus?

if you can put a head to this strange tale
i’d be glad very glad to know it
i fell asleep and saw new eggs
flying with sails and propellers
if they were fragile they didn’t show it

i don’t walk on egg shells
how can i? they’re floating in the air
I didn’t care when i saw them there
there was something strange about it
redolent of sunny smiles

the night before was stranger still
full of piglets, flowers and silversmiths
dancing a quadrille, weaving under arches
as they pranced from place to place
underneath the stables

the first night of these three strange dreams
i saw an oak upon a hill alive with flickering lights
spreading along its branches
it shone against the sky
i felt alive, elated

and then it moved inside of me
illuminating arteries, rooted in my heart
a more beauteous thing i never saw
i sat myself beside my throbbing heart
admiring silver sparkles

if you can put a tale to this strange head
i’d be very glad to know it
i remember every detail but no words that I recall
it makes no sense at all to me
i only wonder if i show it


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