What is a Clock?

What is a clock?
A finger pointing out the time
That’s the simple answer

Counting seconds, minutes, hours
Passing slower, passing faster
A lazy, hungry creature

Time’s elastic
Drags us on
Pulls us to the future

Strips out history away
Measures out our meter
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

It knows nothing of the moment
Or the truth of time
It will never be my master

My clock is in my heartbeat
But what if there’s no time at all
And it’s a false illusion?

What if it repeats itself
And each beat is completer?
Or everything is overlapped?

Did we meet across some bridge,
Every meeting sweeter?
And will we pass that way again?

I’m here and there and everywhere
Without time there’s no disaster
Time is not my master




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