Elbereth Githoniel

Varda Elentari, Elbereth Githoniel,
Star Kindler, Everwhite,
Noble, beautiful, shining in glory,.
Lamp of the West, Jewel of the Night,
She comes to bring joy to our story,
She who is ever fair, overcomes even death

The Queen of the Stars forever.
To Manwe, the King of Arda, wife.
Great amongst the Queens of the Valar
She shines evermore to illuminate life
East to West our guiding star
She who is vanquished never

She established the course of the Sun and Moon
She placed Earendil as a star in the sky
She lights our way home afar in the West
So that those who journey may never die
She hears the prayers of the lost and the best
She comes as a blazing star into gloom.




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