The Circle

I look to the East at the sunrise
and the day, shining, awake,
the dew falls on the grass
I think of all  we can make

I look to the South for warmth
where fire burns and renews
and the noon of day and completion of youth
and my heart opens, eager for truth

To the North I look to the sky
and the pattern of stars in the dark
seeing the light that shines, long after they’re dead,
from one strong kindling spark

I look to the West and the rivers that flow
remembering the salmons leap
and have faith in all we can do
and all of life’s treasures we keep

as the wheel turns and turns again
the centre remains ever still
one fixed point that sustains us all
to do whatever we will

I stand at the centre at last
to feel my own soul and know
that future, present and past
are all a repeating flow

I stand at the heart of a circle
my heart warmed by the sun
aware of the world that’s around me
beginning and end are all one

and where many circles overlap
and all of them intertwine
a wondrous, eternal flower is formed
of all the worlds souls, and mine


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