The Trees are Divine

Once every people in the world believed that trees were divine, and could take a human or grotesque shape and dance among the shadows; and that deer, and ravens and foxes, and wolves and bears, and clouds and pools, almost all things under the sun and moon, and the sun and moon, were not less divine and changeable. They saw in the rainbow the still-bent bow of a god thrown down in his negligence; they heard in the thunder the sound of his beaten water jar, or the tumult of his chariot wheels; and when a sudden flight of wild ducks, or of crows, passed over their heads, they thought they were gazing at the dead hastening to their rest….(W B Yeats)

and who has ever proven that this is not so????? how much, and on what levels, do we actually see – and the world would certainly be a better place if the trees were held sacred again. We have been told that ‘dreaming’ and using imagination are lesser than thought and action and making ‘progress’ and that’s where we went wrong. It’s that old battle between the Romantics and the Age of Reason – I know whose side I have always been on but a balance of the two would work too. Lets use imagination and common sense – what a wonderful combination that is !


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