To my Sons

There’s no lasting thrill in luxury.
Luxury, of its nature, should be rare.
It’s hard to feel real pleasure
when everything you ever want
is instantly supplied and there.

The credit card, a chain around you neck.
will bind you into deep despair.
Be a worker not a slave.
Be kind, be vigilant.
Be true to who you are.
Be brave.

Don’t linger in the darker places
of a troubled mind
Turn your face toward the sun
Your journey here will make you wise
Give daily thanks that you’re alive
Use your heart, your brain and eyes

Enjoy each small surprise
that life decides to send your way.
Expect nothing, receive with pleasure,
little things that bring delight
delivered quietly every day
or in the sweetness of the night

Whatever life may bring to me
I am always glad of you
This perhaps you do not see,
You will always be my chosen ones.
Your light shines bright
You are my sons.


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