sitting alone here, in my room, lost in my thoughts,

sifting ideas, drifting in dreams


but stop!


was that a sound I heard outside?

is something sneaking about in the night?

i hear my heart beating loud in my ears

ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom


i had a nightmare about this once

people were climbing the garden wall

they were hooded, and secret and carried long knives

i barred up my windows and locked up my doors

i fought then with fury

i beat them off

ba-ba-boom ba-ba-boom ba-ba-boom ba-ba-boom


waiting, listening the time passes slowly,

my ears are alive to the sounds of the night

i turn off the light and look from the window

a thief in the darkness  rummages about

then delight

i see there’s no danger

it’s only a stranger astray in these parts

a beautiful, nervously watchful

red fox


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