The Things You are Not

You don’t restrict me and clip my wings.
When I am moody you don’t walk out.
You don’t shout and scream at me.
You are not sarcastic, well not a lot.
Only when pushed to an outer limit.
You don’t ask me where I’ve been
When I stayed out late or went away.
You don’t demand more than I’ve got.
You don’t wake me from my dreams.
You don’t manipulate me or betray.
You’re not spiteful, never deceitful,
Not controlling, not conceited.
No passive aggression here.
You never said I can’t be free.
You’re not short of wit or integrity
Or a well-honed phrase that hits straight home.
You’re not without courage or honesty.
You never called me stupid, not once.
You’re not critical of me
But you’re not daft either.
You question me, yes, it makes me think.
I like to think. My thoughts become clearer.
I like your silences and your words
and the growth that peaceful calm can bring.
It’s all that you’re not that makes you dear.
It’s what you are not that draws me nearer.


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