where does love reside?

they say love dwells in the heart
that red mysterious chamber
that pumps three billion times
if you are blessed to remain
for your three score year and ten
it’s so good to hear it beat
again and again and again
that reassuring thud in your chest
until the day comes
when you know that your heart
might need an operation
or a little adjustment
or even a replacement
and one thing i guarantee
it will stop in the end
it’s a fickle friend indeed

if love resides in the heart
how can we ever say
that it out lives death and stays?
i want my true love
to dwell in a safer haven
to be carried life to life
if such a thing is possible
i don’t want to forget
i want to be able to find
those people i loved
by some imbedded instinct
the next time around
and hope i may find them sooner
to not waste a single heart beat

so pump away little heart
while you are healthy and whole
but don’t expect me to trust you
to look after love everlasting
or control my deepest feelings
i will keep my love
wrapped round my soul
entwined with my deeper being
soaked into my essence
my ethereal whole
and all that’s essential
to be existential
in some other future world
my soul is always with me





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