Into the West

Beautifully written pieces, observant and imaginative – i like it very much so i am reblogging it so that others can enjoy it too

Lady Tamara Winterwolf's Nightflight

Every morning, when I wake up and go to my kitchen the first thing I do is look out of the window towards the sea. In this winter months the sea usually looks like a big dark jelly . Sometimes quiet, some other times shaken by the wind. There are mornings though that this darkness gets replaced by the most beautiful silver shine on the sea. Like this last nights. My window looks towards West North – West. This last few nights in the middle of my kitchen window there was the moon, big and round. Smiling, she was greeting me face to face. While I would be preparing my first tea she would be slowly sinking into the cuddling sea. The following morning I came down the same time like every other morning, 4.45 sharp and was surprised that the shining  face of the moon shifted more to the…

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