My Dragon

there is a good reason
fairy tale lovers often live
in high towers
with a thick wood all around
they may need a drawbridge
and a watery moat
to keep a troublesome world out

i don’t know
how to drop the portcullis
the wheel is too big to turn it about
but you have your silver dust
in a pouch from the faeries
and i have a dragon
that’s always on guard

he may speak with soft words
but he sleeps with one eye wide open
and the other half closed


One thought on “My Dragon

  1. ~Tamara’s magic tower~

    Step by step, higher and higher,
    Take my hand and close your eyes.
    Let us leave all the known behind,
    And start climbing the silver stairs .

    The air is glistening and sweet-scented ,
    The hard morter of the floor is gone.
    Walls are made by singing birds
    Ceiling twinkles with thousand stars.

    We climb and never reach the end,
    The silver dust shines on our lashes.
    We smile to the faeries dancing on flowers ,
    One little cloud nymph starts to sing.

    Keep your eyes closed and stay with me,
    The tower of beauty is forever inside us.
    They fooled us by saying the magic was gone,
    It’s them who lost it with their closed hearts.

    Come to the desert with me, be a child again,
    We shall walk barefoot on the warm sands,
    Ride our horses over enchanted oasis.
    Smile and dance all through the scented night.

    In the morning they shall find us dreaming… Embraced. Together in our magic tower.
    Silver dust covers our skin mixed with the sand
    Gentle smiles on our lips , beauty in our hearts.


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