Seeking the Nectar

the seed is small

curled up and tight

and now, given water,

it bursts through to light

the most beautiful of flowers

i inhale it’s gentle blossom

and worship its beauty for hours


each leaf, each petal, each pattern

the way the colour gradually changes

from the centre to the edge

every aspect as nature arranges

in intricate and elegant design

the unfolding petals curve outward

as it opens and captures the light

or closes again in shadow

a butterfly resting from flight


see how the stamen grows upward

from the nectar that stirs at the heart

i want to cup these petals so gently,

not crush them or thrust them apart,

taste the dew from the leaves

seeking the nectar and drinking

i want to dive into the pool,

to the source of the mystical scent

no thought in my head, not thinking

diving, swimming, sinking





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