Winter Song from Moonlight Minstrels

we travel by the hidden old ways
coming far to gladden your days
wherever we go, music is near
welcomed in from the bitterest cold

toss us some coin if you can spare
a minstrels life is not free of care
thought we are rich in our pleasure
welcome us in from winters stark cold

love fills the air with a soft golden glow
thought it be through blizzards of snow
the magic is in the measure
we holds it against winters cold

come to the warmth of the hearth
before we all grow old, lets dance
take from us the cup of good cheer
welcomed in from winters white cold

note upon note, music entwined
clear pearls that melt with sweetest wine
we will drift to a slower measure
growing drunk in a deeper pleasure

each note we play is crystal bright
we speed our beat for your delight
watching dancing feet take to flight
in firelight and starlight inflamed

the drum is our heart
the fiddle weaves spells
the lute brings the sun
angelic the flute
welcome in from winters grey cold

our music takes wing
the silver strings sing
with fingers and bow
that battle the snow
welcome in from winters dark cold
welcome to all in the winter


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