Namaste, Om Shanti

Dream and fling your self backwards

into the arms of the world. It will catch you.

No package tour safety nets here. Follow me.

Bring the map and emergency rations

of hazel nuts, dates, water, a candle.

Be open-hearted, be free.


Step out of your door and head for the station,

take that first step that leads you away.

Tomorrow we’ll be there, feeling the heat,

of a street in India. Seeking a bed

at the end of the day, finding instead, an elephant,

as he strolls home from work in the evening.


Take what comes, not what you look for.

In this world of colours, sun-spun silken,

a myriad whirl that welcomes us, leads us,

not speaking the language wont matter a fig.

Eyes and hands speak volumes,

talking to strangers, laughing, smiling


Namaste, om shanti, be free.


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