Questioning the Raven

I watch the Raven

the Raven watches me

me stuck here on the ground

him high up in his tree


he cocks his head

does he question me?

wondering how i should answer

I nod back


I feel some sense of brotherhood

with this bright eyed bird

when he squawked and chuckled

did he think I understood?


who knows more

a man or a raven?

was he a man before?

will i become a bird?


if I knew the mind of a raven

maybe i could fly

if he thought he knew my mind

would he fly away?


I feel the need to speak

feel the feelings that are his

does he see how fragile

how unfathomable everything is?


does a raven even care

and should i?

i cock my head to the raven

he nods back


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