Good Luck Spell

I give you a daisy chain, sunshine, a star

To brighten your heart and bring you delight

Four leafed clovers, chimney sweeps, double sixes,

Two magpies for joy, happy pixies, shooting stars in the night.

May your new leaf turn over with exuberant ease

And you pancakes flip with vigour, no ceiling stuck plight.

If you ever should find yourself stuck asleep in a box

May your dreams sail with rainbows, in high arching flight.

Now stir gently the white of a golden egg

Into the cauldron, with a big scoop of light,

The scent of wild violets, some fluffy white clouds,

A dollop of love and a sky that is bright.

In short, may all your wildest dreams always come true.

On this wish I will leave you. I wish you adieu.




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