On the Wane



here in a bubble of moonlight

no strong winds can blow me

i sit and watch the world go by

floating, bound, unfeeling


what is this spell that holds me

enclosed and isolated

surrounded by air and light

contained in silence


i try to reach out, the bubble stretches.

untouched yet never defeated

i look out, but no-one comes near

i long to feel earth solid beneath my feet


this curse is a fleeting moment

in the waning i am winnowed

all things pass and change and pass

the moon will wax again at last




paths keep crossing for their own reasons

the twirl of the world, the switch of the season

cycles coming, growing, going

we turn to each other familiar faces

lit by moonlight, hidden by shadows

the stranger you meet who holds up a light

comes in the dusk and leaves in the night




the moment the moon begins to wane

all the old predators come back again

snarling and circling and snapping their jaws

prowling around me, sniffing the air

they smell my defeat before its begun

should i offer my throat and be done


is there a final release in their teeth

no sanctuary, no solace, no welcoming peace

so far from the fire, the torch and the hearth

so many riddles i can never answer

all my answers misunderstood

no star to guide me, lost in the wood


bound to a tree, yet i break free

when the dark hour strikes

no ritual sacrifice

there is music, sunlight, life

i only sink down to rise again




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