Pandora had Hope

open the lid of the memory chest
gaze inward at confusing profusions

happiness followed by sorrow, sadness,
unhealed wounds, unasked questions, no answers,
answers that came too late to be useful,
loud echoing moans of passion and pain
treasured hearts and momentary wishes
a shining smile hangs transfixed there in time

decisions made, regrets still regretted,
unfair accusations, retributions,
poets, madmen, traditions, musicians,
denials, betrayals, indiscretions,
honour, bravery, loyalty, liars
those dark places i found myself trapped in

all life packed away in a box, neatly
layers upon layers gathering dust
the past can haunt you for evil or good
the journey still waits, the road is ahead
fast slam the lid shut, forget all you saw
banish all visions, dream instead, lock it

a small voice still calls me from deep inside
i throw the lid open, once more in hope,
up flies my glorious hand stitched banner
with one word boldly emblazoned, a flame,
triumphant emblem, my name, ”Survivor”
written in gold on blue heaven, it sails


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